My tablet would not connect to my wifi




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    Peggy Kastner

    This is a brand new tablet.  It has never been connected. 

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    Joanne Steely
    We bought 2 of the tablets for travel. I cannot get any live customer support. Cannot get it to connect to the wifi at all. I gues you get what you pay for. I would really like to talk with a live voice !!!!!!.
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    I am sitting with tablets from three different manufacturers and the others are connecting to my router that is three feet away.  For some reason the iDea 7 is recognizing my router, but it does nothing when the Connect button is touched.  It is very frustrating.  No password required, no security preventing -- it just won't pick-up like the other tablets.  Should I keep the tablet or take it back to store? 

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    Janette Briscoe

    I have never been able to connect, It just don't work my lap top pick up my router from the next room.



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    Mary Lorell Kerr

    No internet connection

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