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Ed Floyd July 30, 2015 Tips & Tricks

We offer a very basic guide just to get you started with Android.  If you are unfamiliar with Android we recommend doing a Google, Bing or Yahoo search for exactly what you would like to do and you should receive many suggestions from Android sources. Or you can  use Youtube as they offer many video tutorials on how to do specific task in Android. I hope this information was helpful.
We have included a couple of samples of those type of videos here.


HERE IS A NICE RESOURCE FOR PEOPLE NEW TO ANDROID (Note: this site is in no way affiliated with iDeaUSA and is only being provided as a resource that seem to be fairly accurate in the use of Android. We are not responsible for any claims that the site makes.)


Connecting to Setup WiFi:

Home Screen Navigation:

Connecting to the Play Market for apps.:

Very Basic Home Screen, APP drawer and basic use.

File ES Explorer and how to use the app.
Developer link:

Detailed Tutorial on ES File Explorer

How to Disable Auto Updates of Apps.

If you would like to tell us what you would like to do with your tablet device we can assist you with the possibilities. Let me explain a little about Android and how it works. Tablets are mainly used for playing games or reading books but are mostly nice Multi-Media playing devices. You can watch videos, play music, or play movies/ videos. Some people try to use them like computers or laptops and that is not the purpose of tablets at all. Their functionality and use are slowly changing though. But for now that is the primary use.
The app developers for each app have full control on how their apps will be used and what their apps can do like be moved to the SD card. Some apps will not function correctly if moved to the SD card so the app developer does not allow this use. Android can not override the apps requirements. Some apps are very good and others are very bad. It takes researching the app and trial and error to get an app that works for you. Read the reviews of others and the type of device that they are using. Tablet or cell phone. A larger majority of the apps today were made for cell phones and not for tablets. But this is also slowly changing and expanding for tablets due to the demand for tablet use.
Now, you will need to use an app to move your contents from the internal memory to the External SD card.  All apps are downloaded directly to your devices internal memory by default. And some you will not be able to move at all. There is also a built in way to move your apps. Go to Settings>APPs>In the right pane, slide from right to left to see headings of downloaded, On SD Card, Running, or ALL. Click on the app you want under any of these headings. Once you find the app that you want and click on it, another screen will pop up and if able to be moved to the SD card you will see the option available. Let me show you a link to how you can use ES File Explorer for example.


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